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  • Alura Arabica

    The Alura faction is known for its dramatic and mythical flair, producing some of the most heroic and larger-than-life gecko racers. Now, you can enjoy the same mythical experience by drinking their favorite coffee, a medium roast Arabica with a sweet, nutty, and roasty flavor. With each sip of this extraordinary coffee, you'll feel as if you're transported to the mythical world of the Alura heroes. So why not join them on their epic journey and make this Arabica coffee your own?

  • Barada Brew

    Enter the meteor cloud home of the Barada racers, known for their unrelenting spirit and brutal personalities. Despite their tough reputation, the Barada have a soft spot for the mellow, zesty flavor of this Scandinavian Coffee Brew. As they navigate the asteroid field, fueled by the rich aroma and bold taste of this coffee, the Barada remember their ancient gecko warrior traditions, giving them a sense of mercilessness few can match.

  • Martu Mocha

    The Martu are known for their involvement in political intrigue and some of their racers are cunning and wicked. Their roast of choice is brewed to make an extra mild espresso or a mild spicy cup. Join the Martu in their pursuit of power and enjoy the delicious taste of a darker roast with a hint of cocoa.

  • Targari Trifecta

    The Targari Trifecta coffee blend, a perfect combination of Antigua Guatemala, Sumatra, and Costa Rican Tarrazu, fuels the Targari's boundless creativity and intense focus at the furthest edge of the galaxy, where deep space reigns supreme. As they traverse the vastness of space, fueled by the rich aroma and bold taste of this remarkable blend, the Targari are unstoppable. Targari Trifecta becomes an exceptional blend, perfect for adventurers who want to experience the cutting-edge technology and boundless creativity of the Targari while enjoying a high-quality cup of coffee.